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From Tuesday to Saturday: for lunch and dinner

From July 24 to October 2 2023 we are also open on Monday evenings.


Gli chef in azione - Terrasse du Suisse


We want to convey to you the most authentic values which represent us in the kitchen, to satisfy your taste is our primary mission.

Innovation and authentic flavours from tradition

Tradition and innovation

We love to respect the tradition which has led us till now, mixing it with a touch of modernity. This is why our menù represents the constant research for an equilibrium between tradition and innovation.

pizzoccheri teig - Terrasse du Suisse

Dynamicity and Tenacity

What distinguishes us is the dynamicity of our menù, in constant evolution also in order to satisfy the most exigent tastes. We think that tenacity in the constant research for new combinations of flavors represents the key to continuous progress in kitchen.

piatti innovativi La Terrasse du Suisse

Quality and passion

Our attention focuses on the origin of every single raw material, in order to offer an out of the ordinary experience of flavor. The quality of the ingredients, combined with the cooking of our chefs which aims to exalt the flavors of them, represents the perfect marriage.

la qualità degli ingredienti

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